Information for Artists

The Foothills Folk Art Festival is a juried folk art-themed show. The festival's artist committee is looking for themed artwork intensely influenced by and displaying the spirit of folk, visionary, and outsider art.


  • To be considered, artists must submit an application form.

  • The application must be accompanied by three to five high-resolution, digital images of individual pieces of the artists' work that represent the type of art that the artist plans to sell at the festival.

    • Artists are also encouraged to submit a photo of their booth if possible. These images will be used to select the artists for the festival and to promote the festival, so high-quality images are encouraged.

    • If hard-copy images are submitted, artists should use photo paper, or images printed by a commercial photo lab.

A registration fee must accompany the application submission, but the fee will be returned if the artist is not accepted.

  • Early Registration: The fee is $50 and will apply to any applications postmarked by June 1, 2019.

  • Standard Registration: The fee will be $75 and will apply to applications that are postmarked by September 1, 2019.

  • Limited Booth Electricity: The fee is $30 (110 amp services only) and must be requested at time of registration.

  • Applications should be mailed to Hickory Museum of Art, Attn: Clarissa Starnes, 243 Third Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601. Applications may also be emailed to No applications will be accepted via the festival Facebook page.

Artists may obtain more information about the festival from Hickory Museum of Art by contacting Clarissa Starnes at or by calling 828-327-8576, ext. 204.


Artist applications for the 4th Annual 2019 Foothills Folk Art Festival are available here.


  • APPLY EARLY. We do not have unlimited space, and thus cannot accept everyone. We try to have a variety or arts represented, so if you apply late, we may already have enough of your particular category of art and cannot accept yours, no matter how fabulous.

  • WRITE LEGIBLY, especially your name and email address. You are not best served if we have to guess.

  • PROVIDE PICTURES! This is a juried show and the pictures should sell your art to the jurors. Also, the pictures should be of what you intend to sell at the festival. If you do not provide pictures, we cannot judge your art, and therefore it will not be considered.

  • Your “DESCRIPTION OF ARTWORK” should be brief and to the point. Full sentences are not required, and calling it “folk art” is redundant. Again, your pictures should sell us on your art.

  • We assign art category headings such as “wood” or “jewelry” or “pottery.” If your art falls in several categories, we label it “mixed media” unless you indicate which category you prefer.


  • Too heavy a representation of one type of art already juried into the show (again, apply early).

  • Looks more like craft rather than one-of-a-kind original, unique art.

  • No consumables such as food items or toiletries like lotion or soap will be accepted.

  • No commercial vendors selling non-art items.

  • No re-selling of mass-produced items.